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My Shopping Companion

Thanks to My Shopping Companion, you will never forget to earn Miles during your purchases*.

Download My Shopping Companion in one simple click in order to be notified in real time when you can benefit from an online shopping Miles offer.*

Benefit from My shopping CompanionAvailable via Chrome Firefox

Flying Blue - shop for Miles

Why use My Shopping Companion with Flying Blue shop for Miles?

Activate your Miles offers in one simple click
wherever My Shopping Companion appears.

Flying Blue - shop for Miles

Be informed while browsing
a brand’s site of any Miles offers.

Flying Blue - shop for Miles

Check the balance of
your shop for Miles pot at all times.

Flying Blue - shop for Miles

Download My Shopping Companion now and earn even more Miles

Members that use My Shopping Companion earn on average 30% more Miles than those who do not.

Benefit from My shopping CompanionAvailable via Chrome Firefox

My Shopping Companion, the complement to Flying Blue shop for Miles

Also called a plug-in, My Shopping Companion is a piece of software that integrates with your usual Internet browser and enhances it with a feature that ensures you never forget to make your purchases via the shop for Miles platform when browsing one of the eShop partners. Easy to use and available for most Internet browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari), this application can be downloaded for free.

Flying Blue members will be able to access the shop for Miles website via the extension. Shop for Miles offers you its browser extension, « My Shopping Companion, which allows you to shop directly on the partner retailer's website. Much more than just a tool, the Flying Blue plug-in is your everyday ally for earning Miles with the many partner shops. To add the compatible module to your browser, click on the corresponding icon. Once the installation is complete, a blue button with the image of an airplane will appear at the top right of your browser for Chrome Mozilla and Firefox and at the top left on Internet Explorer and Safari. To use it, first log in to Flying Blue using your account.

With My Shopping Companion, you are informed in real time of the Miles offers that are available with partner retailers. In addition, the plug-in allows you to activate the offer and track the balance of your pot. Customers who use My Shopping Companion earn 30% more Miles than those who do not.

Flying Blue - shop for Miles

*My Shopping Companion is valid with a selection of brands. Information relating to My Shopping Companion is available on the corresponding merchant’s info sheets.
By downloading My Shopping Companion, the member accepts the terms and conditions of use.

During periods dated and/or communicated by visuals on the site and/or on My Shopping Companion and/or communications sent by Flying Blue shop for Miles, it is possible to benefit from extra Miles when members first download My Shopping Companion using a browser. The value of these bonus Miles can be modified at any time by the site publisher and/or administrator as cited in the legal notice. Only the first download per member and per account via any browser is counted. Uninstalling My Shopping Companion and then downloading it again will not result in an additional bonus. Outside of the communicated periods, no Miles bonus will be credited to the member's Miles pot for their first download.
This launch offer for My Shopping Companion, offering 500 Miles for a member’s first download is available for the 1,000 downloads only.

Please note: These bonus Miles will be credited as ‘pending’ to the member's shop for Miles pot at the time of the download if the member is logged in, otherwise it will be credited from the member’s first click on My Shopping Companion. This bonus will be validated once the first purchase is made via My Shopping Companion. Any Bonus Miles validated in excess of 250 Miles are not automatically added to the Miles in the member’s Flying Blue pot. Only Miles validated after a purchase of more than 250 Miles for the first transfer will subsequently trigger the transfer to the Flying Blue pot.