Fnac Spectacles

to 35 Miles offered by purchase
Estimated validation date :
13 novembre 2019

Offer details

Conditions of the offer

Attention: : seuls les achats effectués sur le site http://plateforme.fnacspectacles.com (via notre site) donnent lieu au versement de Miles.

About Fnac Spectacles

Concerts, festivals, théâtre, musées, expos, sport, loisirs. Plus de 48.000 événements disponibles tous les ans.

How do I earn Miles through my ONLINE purchases?

I search on
Flying Blue shop for Miles
for the site where I would like to make a purchase
and I activate their offer.


I make my purchases
as normal
via the selected partner’s site.


My Miles appear
in my
Flying Blue shop for Miles pot
48 hours after my purchases, at the latest.


I automatically receive
my validated Miles
in my Flying Blue account.

Exemple : I buy a dress for €100 (ex. taxes) on the site of the selected brand. The Miles on offer equal 10 Miles for every €10 spent. I therefore receive 100 Miles in my Flying Blue shop for Miles pot.