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to 123 Miles offered for €10 spent online
Estimated validation date :
28 mars 2020

Offer details

Conditions of the offer

Les Miles ne s'appliquent pas sur les achats effectués via le logiciel téléchargeable du marchand

Le cashback n'est pas cumulable avec les achats effectués via l'application mobile de ce marchand.

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How do I earn Miles through my ONLINE purchases?

I search on
Flying Blue shop for Miles
for the site where I would like to make a purchase
and I activate their offer.


I make my purchases
as normal
via the selected partner’s site.


My Miles appear
in my
Flying Blue shop for Miles pot
48 hours after my purchases, at the latest.


I automatically receive
my validated Miles
in my Flying Blue account.

Exemple : I buy a dress for €100 (ex. taxes) on the site of the selected brand. The Miles on offer equal 10 Miles for every €10 spent. I therefore receive 100 Miles in my Flying Blue shop for Miles pot.