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How does it work

What is the Flying Blue shop for Miles programme?

Flying Blue shop for Miles allows you, as a member of the Flying Blue programme, to earn Miles when shopping with our wide range of partner brands available through the site. Once validated, Miles are automatically transferred to your Flying Blue account.
The first transfer to your Flying Blue account will be made automatically, as soon as you have accumulated 250 validated Miles.
Subsequent transfers of your accumulated Miles will be made automatically each day to your Flying Blue account as soon as they have been validated in your Flying Blue shop for Miles pot.

How do I earn Miles through my ONLINE purchases?

I search on
Flying Blue shop for Miles
for the site where I would like to make a purchase
and I activate their offer.


I make my purchases
as normal
via the selected partner’s site.


My Miles appear
in my
Flying Blue shop for Miles pot
48 hours after my purchases, at the latest.


I automatically receive
my validated Miles
in my Flying Blue account.

Exemple : I buy a dress for €100 (ex. taxes) on the site of the selected brand. The Miles on offer equal 10 Miles for every €10 spent. I therefore receive 100 Miles in my Flying Blue shop for Miles pot.

Flying Blue shop for Miles: steps to follow to earn Miles

Here's how to use the Flying Blue shop for Miles website so that you can earn Miles as soon as you make your purchases on the platform’s partner retailer sites:

  1. You must be a Flying Blue member to earn Miles with shop for Miles. By accumulating your Miles, you can indulge yourself with a variety of bonuses including hotel stays, plane tickets, car rentals and more via the Flying Blue store.
  2. To become a Flying Blue member, register for free on the Air France-KLM web page. Once registered, log in regularly to shop for Miles before making your purchases.
  3. Allow cookies. For more details about cookies, please see the website’s FAQ.
  4. What you need to know to earn Miles with your online purchases:
    • Look on Flying Blue shop for Miles for the retailer site where you would like to make your purchase. Then, activate their offer.
    • Make your purchase the same way you usually do on the chosen partner’s retail site.
    • Your Miles will appear in your Flying Blue prize pot within 48 hours after you make your purchase.
    • You will automatically receive your validated Miles in your Flying Blue shop for Miles account.
  5. The number of Miles you can earn depends on each retailer’s site. Each retailer has a detailed scale which is available on the Flying Blue shop for Miles website.