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Frequently asked questions - Browsing and Cookies

Why is it important to allow cookies from our website?

Cookies are essential for the correct operation of our website. If they are not allowed, you can browse our website, but you will not be able to earn Miles on our partner retailer’s offers.

The publisher acts as a business finder for the various merchants referred to on our site via the Flying Blue shop for Miles website. When you visit Flying Blue shop for Miles, we place a cookie on your computer, tablet and/or smartphone. This file allows the retailer to identify the website, which allows them to register a sale. With the merchant remunerating the last site having placed a cookie, each order processed by us earns us commission, which we share with you in the form of Miles. In order to earn Miles, it is therefore imperative that your orders are placed from an internet browser that accepts cookies.

During your first visit to our site, a banner informs you that the website uses cookies to improve your user experience. In fact, the law obliges us (as publishers of internet sites) to be transparent with our internet users about the management of cookies and to collect their consent by means of a banner present on all the landing pages on the site. The guidelines accessible from the banner and from the terms and conditions of sale page inform you of our cookies policy and provide information on the various types of cookies that we use.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small temporary file on your computer and/or smartphone that indicates to the retailer that before making your purchase at home, you visited the Flying Blue shop for Miles website. Thanks to this cookie, the retailer communicates to us the amount of money spent, which will allow us to grant you your Miles.

Don’t forget: in order to ensure Miles are collected properly, your browser and anti-virus software must accept cookies.

What types of cookies are used on the website?
  • Only cookies that are strictly necessary

    They allow you to browse our website and use its features. Without these cookies, we are unable to provide you with certain services and this would strongly impact your browsing. These cookies are essential to the proper operation of the programme. If you refuse to accept these cookies, you will be unable to earn Miles on your purchases via Flying Blue shop for Miles.

  • Cookies that are used to compile statistics

    These cookies allow us to ascertain the number of visits made to the website and its various pages. The type of data that is collected: Number of unique visitors, time spent on each page, type of browser used, etc... Please note that the information collected is strictly anonymous, which means we cannot associate it with individual users.

  • How do I manage these cookies?

    As you understand, the use of cookies is essential to the correct operation of our website. We therefore recommend that you allow all of them so as not to risk being unable to fully take advantage of our services. If, nevertheless, you wish to delete certain cookies from your browser, please note that the publisher is not responsible for any consequences that may arise from an inability to save or consult any cookies needed for the operation of our services, and that you have deleted or refused.
How do I configure my browser to earn Miles?

The Flying Blue shop for Miles website operates thanks to the cookies on your computer, so your browser must be correctly set up to ensure you can earn Miles when making purchases.

In order for your browser to accept cookies, we invite you to use the following instructions:

  • For Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > click on Advanced and in the advanced privacy settings, check ‘Ignore automatic cookie management’, then check ‘Accept’ for internal and third party cookies.
  • For Mozilla Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Privacy > check ‘accept third-party cookies’
  • For Chrome, go to the icon in the top-right corner > Tools > Advanced Options > click on content settings... Next, in the Cookies section, check ‘Allow local data storage (recommended)’

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact Customer Service.