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Bbox Smart TV – Bouygues Telecom
Bbox Smart TV – Bouygues Telecom
1250 Miles offered instead of 1000 Miles by purchase

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Flying Blue shop for Miles allows you to earn Miles when shopping at a wide range of partner shops. These eShops offer a wide choice of products and services, covering all areas of activity. To allow members to earn maximum Miles, specific offers are highlighted in the ‘Current Offers’ section. Two types of offers are listed on this page: seasonal offers, which are listed in the ‘Our Seasonal Offers’ section, and promotional offers, which are in the ‘Our Promotional Offers’ section.

Seasonal offers correspond to thematic or seasonal events (sales, back to school, holidays) which are grouped in the ‘Our Seasonal Offers’ section. ‘Our Promotional Offers’ includes all the special promotions that will allow you to earn more Miles on your purchase than the retailer usually offers. For example, you will see on the list of the retailers’ offers the mention of ‘instead of’, which denotes the number of Miles offered by the retailer without any promotional offers.